IMCE has over 37 years of experience in the field of New Product Development, working for a range of industrial sectors that include medical, automotive, telecommunications and aerospace. IMCE helps and supports designers, OEMs and contract manufacturers to deliver successful and profitable new products to the market.  The IMCE philosophy is that errors in design and specification are the most common cause of budget and schedule overruns.


During the early stages of a product development programme an immature design and specification will lead to errors in the later, more crucial stages of the project.  Correcting these errors after manufacture results in an escalation in costs and a slippage in the schedule. In financial terms, the product will take longer to break even and will thus generate less profit in its lifetime.


Immaturity can be present in a design or specification in many complex ways. When the components are eventually manufactured this immaturity becomes apparent as a failure in one form or another. In the past, a typical project plan made provision for a period of correction and rectification. In the modern business environment this luxury is unaffordable. In order to achieve ever aggressive business targets components must arrive on time, on budget, be easily assembled and function first time, without error.
The IMCE approach combines 37 years of design and manufacturing experience with the techniques of Six Sigma and Lean to perform a FIT, FORM, FUNCTION analysis before the manufacturing data is released. The result is that unforeseen errors are exposed and can be corrected before manufacturing commences. Additionally, component specifications and drawings will have been brought to full maturity reflecting economic manufacturing processes and tolerances. Compliance with ISO or ASME standards of dimensioning and tolerancing will ensure that specifications and drawings are less ambiguous and more contractually robust. Using this approach, projects are delivered on time, on budget and to specification, company reputation is enhanced and future business is secured.

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